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Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets grasped

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets grasped

Prelude: Kim is on her way to stop Draken once again.


After calling in a favor Kim was dropped at Drakken’s hideout. She sneaked in and came face to face with Shego. 

Shego: Glad you came Kimmy, can I take your coat? 

Kim: You already did, don’t worry it will look better on me. 

Kim was attacked Drakken’s henchman, one by one they attacked her and one by one she fought them off. She chased after Shego, and found her in a room full of hundreds of Drakken’s henchman, way too many even for Kim. 

Shego: Face it pumpkin, fashion isn’t the only thing in which I’m a step ahead. 

Kim was bound by iron chains on her legs and her hands above her head. 

Shego: Comfy? 

Kim: Not really! 

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Big-boobed and naked Ann Possible and Kim Possible want some fun

Kim Possible Porn Sex

Hentai Picture: Big-boobed and naked Ann Possible and Kim Possible want some fun
Mind the the set of lecherous pictures more practiced that you can imagine: freshest, never-wearing-out and the greatest meaty fellows all in one and the same location. Curvaceous whore from Kim Possible is bobbing from a hard cunt shag here inside of the article… Seems like hard drinks, sweets and a meaty dick in her mouth and cootchie is all Ann Possible longs for!

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Kim Possible Porn Story: Kim Satiable Ch 5 – More New Things

Kim Possible Porn Story: Kim Satiable Ch 5 – More New Things

A few days after the dance, Ron came knocking at Kim’s door. KP was alone and as she often did after school she had stripped down to just a zip front hoodie and lose pair of running shorts. With her hair up in a ponytail, the teen hero could make casual very sexy.

“Hey Ron, come on in, can I get you something to eat?” The girl said with a cheerful smile, and then noticing the boy’s glum expression she put and arm around him, “What’s that matter Ron?”

“Meh, I’m not really hungry KP,” Ron moped as he walked into the family room and flopped on his back on the couch.

‘Not hungry!’ thought Kim, something must really be wrong and she sat on the edge of the couch leaning over him to put a hand on his forehead, “do you feel alright?”

The boy took a quick peak down KP’s sweatshirt her pert tits in full view as the zipper was halfway down and she had nothing on underneath. Regaining his composure, he heaved a sigh, “Tara and I broke up,” he murmured in his saddest voice.

“Broke up!” Kim repeated, “When did this happen?”

“Well Tara’s been mad at me ever since Bonnie’s party,” the boy explained, “I thought we were doing great, fooling around naked in the hot tub, and then we snuck off to the laundry room.”

“Tara’s no purity princess,” Kim interjected, “what did you do to her to piss her off?”

“Oh we’ve, you know, ‘done it’ and I thought we were about to, being all naked and stuff, but she must have had too much to drink and along with the hot tub she kinda passed out, and I’m all horny with a raging hard on…”

“Oh Ron you didn’t”

“Well she kinda sleeps with her mouth open and it looked so inviting…” the boy turned his face away.

“And Tara didn’t wake up when you put your cock in her mouth!”

“No, not right away,” Ron continued, “but I guess when I started to cum then she woke up, and there I am spraying my load on her face. It took her a minute to figure it out, and I tried to play it cool, but over then next couple days, the more she thought about it the more pissed off she got. So were through!” Big sigh. Ron turned back to Kim taking another quick look down her shirt. He wasn’t sure but it seemed like the zipper had moved down another inch or two while they had been talking.

At first Ron thought KP was shocked even angry. She had a hand over her mouth and her eyes were open wide, but then she started to laugh. “Oh my God, that is so funny,” she gasped, “You… in her mouth… passed out… cum on her face!” And the redhead fell across Ron’s chest; laughing so hard she could barely catch her breath.

Finally she got a hold of her self and sat back up, “I’m sorry Ron.” She said wiping a tear from her eye, “but I can just see Tara waking up like that, her expression… priceless…”

“Hey,” Ron interrupted trying to defend his ex-girlfriend, “how would you like to have me cum all over your face?”

KP got a strange look in her eye; she leaned back a little and put one hand back on Ron’s erection, which had been trying to burst out of his shorts since that first glimpse down her hoodie. “That doesn’t sound too bad to me,” she said with a grin, “are you offering?”

Ron was taken aback at Kim’s response, “What about you and Josh,” he asked. “Rumor is that you two ‘did it’ at Bonnie’s party. Is he okay with this?”

“If you must know,” the redhead said, still with her hand on Ron’s cock, “we did make love the other night, so I am no longer a virgin.”

“Pure technicality,” muttered Ron, he had heard from Tara about some of the things the cheerleaders did.

“Nevertheless,” KP continued now clutching slowly at the boy’s meat, “He was my first. But we learned a few things about each other in the process, and we’ve decided step back from our previous relationship and return to being just friends.” The girl was sounding very businesslike as she described the situation, but while speaking one hand had pulled the zipper on her sweatshirt all the way down, while the hand on Ron’s cock had deftly opened his pants and reached inside.

“Uh Kim,” Ron squeaked as he tried to get the situation clear in his head.

“Oh Ron, you already knew about Josh and me,” the girl said shedding her hoodie before leaning in close, “and you did come over here in the hopes of pity sex didn’t you?”

“Well yes…” Ron was cut off by the redheads lips pressing against his, passionate kisses building while she stroked his erection.

Kim broke free and grinned at the boy again, “there is one thing Josh didn’t take from me, so in answer to your question; yes I would like to have you cum on my face.” Sliding off the couch she kneeled next to him, and after they had pushed his pants out of the way gripped his manhood and gave it a long lick. Ron gasped and KP smiled at the effect, but when she took the tip in her mouth and gave it a little suck Ron could only groan and put a hand on her head. Trying to remember what Bonnie had taught her and what she had seen in the porn flicks, KP started bobbing up and down and she was surprised how much she could get in her mouth if she tried.

Coming up for air she flicked her tongue along the underside, up and down a few times, causing the boy to groan again “Amazing,” or “So good” he kept muttering. With Ron holding her ponytail, she was soon sucking and stroking like a champ and it wasn’t long before Ron gave just a brief warning, “Oh yeah, babe here it CUMMMMMMMS!”

Not sure what to expect, KP swallowed the first load, but had to pull her mouth off to keep from choking. Still stroking the boy she tried to keep her mouth open and her eyes shut as spray after spray of cum shot at her, in her hair and mouth and all over her face. When the last load had dribbled out, Kim gave the softening tip a quick lick and turned to face Ron. She was covered in cum and laughing again, “That tastes pretty good! But now I can see why she might be upset if she hadn’t asked for it first.” Wiping a dab of man gravy from her cheek with her finger, she slowly licked it off, and Ron shivered with pleasure just watching the display.

Grabbing her sweatshirt she cleaned off her face as best she could. “Oh my God KP, that was the best,” Ron gasped, “way better than Tara, or even Bon.. um anyone.”

“Really?” Kim asked, still grinning, a strand of cum drying in her hair, “I’m glad you liked it `cause now it’s my turn!” Standing up she pushed down her shorts and panties in one swift motion, and kicking them aside, she pulled the boy off the couch and slouched down where he had been her legs spread wide, one finger tapping her slit. “Get in there and lick me for all you’re worth,” she commanded, “let’s see if you’re as good as Tara said you were.”

Ron kneeled down and said a little prayer of thanks for meal he was about to enjoy. There, spread before him was the neatly trimmed pink pussy that he had been fantasizing about for years. Planting a reverent kiss on the inside of her thigh, he felt her quiver just a little, but when he put his lips to hers and slowly pushed his tongue in, she trembled all over. Flicking lightly he now moved up and down her slit, pausing to probe as deep as he could in her love hole time and again. The redhead was whimpering now, both hands holding his head, as he continued his exploration with greater boldness. When finally his tongue brushed over her clit, the girl gasped and implored him for more.

Tara had taught Ron all about the happy place, and now that he was sure KP was ready he began to work her clit with increasing intensity. As her pleasure increased Kim went from gentle entreaties, to demanding chants to inarticulate cries. Her ass was bouncing around on the couch as she quivered and quaked. Now Ron was ready to finish her off starting with one more plunge deep in her snatch he slipped forward until he latched on to her swollen clit, sucking and twirling his tongue until the girl could take no more. With a loud cry and string of profanity KP trembled all over building to one long series of convulsions. Ron kept his face buried in Kim’s quivering cunt until her juices were running down his chin, then sitting back he watched in awe as the girl replaced his tongue with her own fingers, bringing herself to a second and then a third orgasm in rapid succession.

The boy had gotten hard again soon after KP had spread her legs for him. He had been subtly stroking himself the whole time he had been eating Kim’s tasty pussy, but this display of orgasmic ecstasy was more than he could handle. Moving closer he touched her dripping hole just once with the head of his cock and then stood up to jet his cum over her writhing body. The first strand reached up to her tits, the rest shooting across her stomach and pelvis with the last bits dripping on her curl of red cunt hair.

Satisfied with his work, Ron knew now that any time he wanted it he could fuck this little redheaded slut. She was still moaning softly when Ron grabbed her head and pulled her to a sitting position. Putting his semi stiff cock to her lips, he looked her in the eye, “there’s still some left nasty girl. Suck me dry.” Meekly KP obeyed and then with growing enthusiasm she licked until Ron pushed her away.

“That was great Ron,” the girl said as he was pulling up his pants and putting his shirt back on, “Call me, beep me if you want to eat!” she called as he was heading out the door.

Still a little weak in the knees, KP gathered up her clothes and staggered up to her room, a shower was in order. She opened the door and dropped her clothes in shock.

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And yes – Kimmie has locked up the door when she decidede to change her clothes

Kim Possible Hentai Porn GIF

GIF Animation: And yes – Kimmie has locked up the door when she decidede to change her clothes
Oh yeah, this immense stone-like stem is able to invoke gasps of heaven delight of sexy Kim Possible as it pumps her secret and comfortable cave! A few Kim Possible are just too sex-starved engaged in undressing each other and playing the petting game that is there just for a start, it’s not difficult to realize what happens next! Another teen starlet from Kim Possible has some great rack to demonstrate us and she cannot possibly miss anyone who comes up with a hard-on!

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