Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets gripped – part Two

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets gripped – part Two

Recap of Part 1: Kim was in Drakken’s lair trying to foil his evil plot. Shego, along with hundreds of guards, manage to stop Kim and chain her up. Once Kim is chained and alone with her, Shego starts to get intimate with Kim. Eventually Kim manages to get Shego in a headlock, free herself, and leave Shego chained up.

Here’s part 2 right where we left off.

She opened the door to find her friend Ron Stoppable. 

“Hey Ron, come to help me with Drakken?” 

“Yeah sorry about earlier K.P.” 

“No Big!” (Insisted Kim) 

As they left the room Ron caught a glimpse of the naked Shego. ‘What went on in there with Kim and Shego?’ He wondered. The two found Drakken, and after a tough battle, and some help from Wade’s little gadgets they were able to defeat Drakken. 

Kim went back to get Shego, but unfortunately when she got there Shego had escaped somehow, all that was there was the sweet smell of sex in the room. Kim was disappointed but glad that this mission was over. On the way back Kim was being pressed by Ron at what happened in that room. Ultimately she gave in and told him, after all she had to tell someone, and Ron was a good friend she could trust. 

Ron’s eyes grew big at the thought of Kim and Shego’s bodies all over each other having lesbian sex. ‘God I bet that was a hot sight to see.’ He thought. 

“I gotta say though Ron, I’m worried cause I really liked it, does that mean I’m like you know a lesbian?” 

This gave Ron an idea. “I’m not sure K.P. but I bet there’s a way you can find out!” 

“How Ron?” 

“Sleep with a guy, and then you can decide which one you like more, or if you like both.” 

“That’s true, but I can’t just sleep with some random guy I don’t know, I’m not a slut after all.” Insisted Kim. 

“Well, what about me Kim, I mean I’m your friend, you can do it with me and you know you can trust me.” 

The more Kim thought about it the more sense it made. “OK Ron come to my place around midnight after my parents are asleep.” 

Several hours later Ron climbed a ladder up into Kim’s room. Kim was waiting there for him. Ron almost fell backwards on the ladder when he saw what Kim was wearing. She was in a red bra and a sexy red thong, her hair she wore down for a change as opposed to the ponytail she wore on their adventures together. Finishing off Kim’s outfit was 4 inch red high heels. Kim knew Ron approved of her outfit by the tent he was already pitching in his black pants. 

“Well, shall we get started Ron?” 

“Um yeah!” 

With that Kim laid back on her bed Ron immediately got undressed jumping out of his pants and tossing aside his shirt. Wearing just black boxers he got in bed with Kim. Kim kissed Ron deeply Ron had no problem returning the French kiss as he felt up Kim’s small but nice breasts through her bra. The two sat up and continued kissing as Kim went under Ron’s boxers and started stroking his 6 inch cock. Ron messed with Kim’s clasp on the back of her bra for a while before finally unhooking her. Seeing Kim’s firm tits, Ron went after them sucking one breast in his mouth while his other hand roughly kneaded her other breast. 

Ron went to the other breast and repeated the same method as his cock was standing straight up at attention as Kim pumped it in her hand. Kim finally pulled Ron away from her breasts and helped him out of his boxers. Ron pulled down Kim’s thong and she lifted her legs so he could pull it off of her body. Kim had Ron lean back and Kim took Ron into her mouth. Kim’s full pouting lips wrapped around his shaft. Ron was in heaven as he watched Kim’s mouth on his pole as she looked up at him with her gorgeous green eyes. Ron felt up Kim’s breasts as her mouth engulfed all 6 inches of his cock. Her hands weren’t idle either as she played with his balls. 

Ron was getting too turned on to let this continue, so he brought Kim back up into another kiss. He couldn’t believe it all the times he had lusted for Kim and here he was naked and making out with her! Ron pushed Kim back down and pushed his cock at her pussy. This being Ron’s first time as well he needed Kim’s help to guide his cock in her. When he finally did penetrate her it was well worth the wait! Kim felt his rod slid into her, and wrapped her legs around him, wanting him to give her all of his length. Ron couldn’t believe how good she felt, her pussy was so hot and wet not to mention tight! 

Ron started thrusting in and out of Kim as she closed her eyes in pleasure. She had images here and there of Shego going down on her, which she shook out of her mind. Ron pounded into his best friend harder and harder as Kim dug her nails into his back. 

“Let me up Ron I wanna try a different position!” Kim insisted. Ron was disappointed at first, he liked what they were already doing just fine. He soon had little to complain about though, as Kim got on all fours exposing her tight ass to him. 

“Fuck me Ron, fuck me doggystyle!” ordered Kim. 

Ron reared back and rammed into Kim’s red haired pussy from behind. Kim played with her clit as Ron drove his cock in Kim’s pussy to the hilt. Seeing Kim’s firm ass bent over and watching it going in out of Kim’s hot cunt was more he could take. He unloaded his cum deep inside her pussy filling her up with his seed. Kim was already close, but feeling Ron shot his hot cum inside of her sent her to her orgasm. Ron collapsed on top of Kim both of their bodies covered in sweat. 

Kim finally spoke, “Well I guess I do like guys too,” smiled Kim. 

“I’m glad, cause that was incredible, I’d love to do that again, well… as a friend to help you out of course,” he added. Kim giggled. 

As they laid there the person on the other end of the camera in Kim’s room looked on in anger. 

“Just wait until I get you in cuffs again Kim, I’ll have you swearing off guys forever when I’m done with you.” Said Shego. 


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