Kim Possible Pornography Story: A Warmed swap

Kim Possible Pornography Story: A Warmed swap

Kim was sweaty when she entered the locker room. It was empty, and it was missing its usual odor of cleaning products. With one foot up on a bench, she removed her sneakers, untying them without hurry, pulled the shoe off, then the sock, switched feet and proceeded to do the same with the other one, wiggling her toes so they didn’t stick together. She went to undress, delicately taking off her small cheer top pulling it above her breast, revealing quite a bit of cleavage tucked away under a bra one size too small, and sliding it over her head and back a little to keep from messing her hair up. She threw that on her bag and then slid her skirt down gently, uncovering her ass with an undergarment barely too big to be called a thong, and let it fall along her smooth legs until it hit her bare feet. She bent over to pick up her skirt and snatched up her top. She unzipped her bag pulled out a change of clothes replacing them with the warm cheer uniform. As she was about to put her shirt on she saw Bonnie.

Bonnie was standing near the showers, one hand on her hips, wearing nothing but a beautiful gold necklace and big smile. She was staring at Kim, staring at her features, her long fiery red hair, her breasts bulging out of her small bra, (Kim’s chest was large for her size, but it slowed her down considerably if she didn’t constrict it as much as she did, and with a job like hers, that is a must), the camel toe Kim had through the tiny underwear the sweat running down her smooth flesh almost pooling around her feet. Despite her profession, Kim’s body was damn near flawless, and Kim didn’t the willpower to keep from blushing as Bonnie admired this beauty. Without the animosity between the two, Kim was able to notice just how striking the features of Bonnie really were, and especially well now since there was nothing for them to hide behind. Bonnie was very well tanned, given the region they live, and slightly toned, small boobs yet big nipples. Her skin was clean and dry, her fingers and toes sported a fresh coat of black nail polish, her hair darker than usual, her eyes darker than usual, her smile darker than usual.

They stood there gaze locked for no more than ten seconds, when two pairs of hands grabbed Kim’s arms and legs and brought her to the floor with grace. Kim looked and saw a very naked Tara and Monique holding Kim down in nothing but her underwear. She tried to speak, but her mouth would not move. She tried to free herself, but her arms and legs moved with little strength, as though her body was ignoring her, and she succumbed to the will of her naked friends. Bonnie silently walked over to Kim, got on all fours and kissed the back of Tara then Monique, both gave an audible sigh either out of pleasure, or gratitude. Then Bonnie leaned her whole body against Kim’s, stopping with their faces no more than an inch apart. Kim couldn’t feel Bonnie’s chest moving, and didn’t feel her breath, her body was nondescript of all temperature. Nonetheless, staring at each other, Kim had a quick thought rush through her head, “yes…” and then reached up to meet lips. Starting slow, she would lock and hold, Bonnie brought her hands to Kim’s cheeks and started kissing her back, slowly switching to a French strategy, easing her tongue in and out of Kim’s mouth in between motions. They were moving together now, and the other two had let go of Kim, freeing her hands to probe the depths of Bonnie’s body. Tara and Monique both sat down on either side and started kissing and licking and feeling all sorts of places on both Kim and Bonnie.

After Bonnie had thoroughly enticed the redhead, she let go of Kim’s tongue. Softly, she spoke into Kim’s ear, “You and I have wanted this, now I will have my way.” Reaching one hand under Kim’s back, she skillfully unclasped her bra and removed it with her teeth, pulling it free of Kim’s arms. Kim let out a gasp as Tara licked one of her toes, as Monique slowly swallowed her fingers, and as Bonnie’s lips and nose started to tickle the redhead’s bare breasts. Kim’s eyes closed as Bonnie started to play with Kim’s nipples with her teeth, drawing the blood to her chest.

Kim became aware of how warm Bonnie’s pussy felt on her free leg, the moisture was seeping out of it onto her bare skin. This made her realize just how wet these three girls were making her. Bonnie knew that too, and when she had had enough fun with Kim’s boobs, she changed directions and sat on Kim’s chest, rubbing her wet flesh allover Kim in her movement, and this was starting to drive the redhead mad with a new lust she didn’t know she had. Then with a little help from a cooperating Tara, Bonnie removed Kim’s panties with her mouth, and Tara discarded the unwanted articles. Slowly teasing Kim, the two girls started plating warm kisses all along the inside of her legs causing Kim’s breath to get heavy, her pussy was starting to nearly throbbing with desire. Then Bonnie shifted her body to align with Kim’s sex and placed her own on Kim’s lips. They entered each other simultaneously, each letting out a moan of excitement, as Tara helped Bonnie, and Monique helped Kim. Kim had two tongues to worry about, one inside of her and one massaging her clit. As the tongue entered and exited Kim, her muscles would tense and relax in the same fashion, her opening dribbling juices slowly, and Bonnie selfishly slurping them all up, leaving none for her partner sharing the pussy. Tasting Bonnie’s womanhood, Kim wasn’t sure what it tasted like, but the feeling of the flesh tightening on her tongue as she plunged it deeper within her rival was exhilarating. Unlike her rival however, she shared Bonnie’s pussy with Monique, saving some room for her friend.

Kim had never felt like this before, this was so exciting, not to mention the feeling of the tongue inside of her was incredibly pleasurable, hands gripping her thighs hard, she didn’t realize that Bonnie was nearing orgasm until she pulled her tongue out of Kim, gasping for air, lifted her torso up a bit letting Tara take over Kim’s pink flesh. She started moaning loudly in response to Kim’s entrancing tongue writhing within her, rolling her hips to rub her pussy on Kim’s lips as hard as she could. this excited Kim for reasons she could not understand, but it made her want Bonnie to do this action to all sorts of places on her body. Bonnie screamed as a torrent of fluids gushed out of her and into Kim’s mouth, then screamed again as more squirted out, but this time Bonnie lifted up a little and most of it hit Kim below the bridge of her nose, and then screamed one last time as another, stronger orgasm peaked and squirted all over Kim’s mouth, chin, and neck, and when it slowed, Monique was there to suck up the rest off of Bonnie’s twitching flesh. Kim felt so turned on, she thought that she would explode with pure energy. Bonnie collapsed, her body shaking violently, still squirting a little more every few seconds. Kim quickly struggled to swallow and then choked for air. With her face and hair coated with a good layer of Bonnie’s juices, she coughed one or twice she had tried to regain her breath. As she licked the cum off of her lips, she was joined by Monique who cleaned up the rest of Kim’s face, then shared a kiss to taste Bonnie’s cum on the inside of each other’s mouths. Once she had finally stopped squirting, Bonnie crawled over next to Tara, followed by Monique, and the three of them assaulted Kim’s folds with fierce lashings. Tara’s tongue was scraping in and out of Kim’s pussy with a passion and then the three stopped to see how far up Tara could shove her tongue. Kim’s eyes widened at how deep she was, and clenched shut with pure ecstasy as Tara wiggled her tongue around as much she could.

Kim was fast approaching orgasm when the other two started up again. Their tongues moved in unison like a ballet and her pussy was the stage. Biting her lower lip, Kim came all over the three of them; squirting fluids all over Tara’s tongue, Kim arched her back, gave a loud shriek and then a quick moan afterward lasting a lot longer than Kim expected, all the while being licked to death by three hungry cheerleaders who cleaned up the juices that flowed out of Kim. Kim fell to the ground with a soft thud, she had masturbated before, but never was it even close to feeling as good as what she felt now. After cleaning off each other’s mouths with sloppy kisses, tasting Kim’s warm pussy on each other’s faces, they all climbed up Kim and planting kisses on her body as they went, up to her neck, when Bonnie gave her a loving kiss on the lips, and Kim could taste herself. Bonnie looked her in the eyes and whispered “I love you…”

Kim opened her eyes. She was in her bed, with nothing but her pajama shirt on. She was under sheets that were soaked from her waist down, her fingers were in her mouth, palm sticky and dripping with warm cum, and some was in her hair. She moaned a sigh of pleasure, then realizing her situation, grumbled in disappointment, not really realizing that it was the thought of Bonnie which gave her so much pleasure.

“Shit…” Kim said as she licked the rest of her hand clean, and got out of bed to get a drink, not really caring where here pajama bottoms were.

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