Kim Possible Pornography Story: Tormentor Ron & Gimp Kim Ch 04

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Tormentor Ron & Gimp Kim Ch 04

The next morning dawned bright and clear and Kim was up first and in the shower before Ron even stirred. They both had class in the morning and Kim liked to start the day early. She had already had her work out and was still massaging her joints in the hot shower when the water turned ice cold. Screaming in shock Kim hopped out of the shower to see Ron standing there smiling at her. She reached for his cock, but he slapped her hand away and got into the shower himself, the toilet having filled, the water in the shower was quite comfortable for him.

Kim quickly dried off and ran to the kitchen nude. Being naked was something she loved and had gotten used to quickly. Living at home had prevented her from going naked when ever she wished but here both she and Ron rarely wore clothes in the house. She just served breakfast as he entered and they sat and ate together. After breakfast Ron went to the weight room and had a quick workout while she cleaned up the kitchen. Afterward she was just starting to get dressed when Ron entered the bedroom.

He told her he had a surprise for her and produced a pair of white silk panties from behind his back. Kim looked surprised by this. She rarely wore panties unless she was cheering at a game. But Ron turned her around and had her lean over the bed and spread her legs. He knelt down behind her and licked her pussy. Kim shivered and pushed back against his tongue only to feel something small and hard enter her snatch. The cold feeling told her it was a vibrator. Now she understood the panties. They would help keep the vibrator in place. Ron slapped her ass and told her to get dressed. As he spoke the vibrator twinged inside her.

They left the silent house Ron took her keys and pushed her to the passenger side of her car. They entered the car and started the engine and the radio came on. The vibrator started to work again, in time to the sound surrounding her. Clutching the seat Kim shivered as the vibrator worked her pussy. Ron smiled evilly and switched radio stations from the soft music to hard rock and turned it up. Kim convulsed as the vibrator went into overdrive. It had her on the edge of orgasm in seconds but without her clit being touched she could not cum. Ron snapped off the radio and the vibrator dropped back to a soft gentle hum as it accompanied the engine. Smiling at her Ron said that he thought he should drive today and reminded her that the game was tonight and she was not to cum or remove the vibrator, which was sound sensitive until they got home.

Class was more difficult than usual with her pussy vibrating all day. But the teachers were the only noise in each class so it was not too bad; changing rooms after each class was difficult. The noise in the halls made it work faster, but still not at top speed. The game however, had nearly killed her. As Captain of the cheer squad she was expected to lead all cheers and be on top of the pyramid. Her pussy had soaked through her panties and shorts she wore under her cheer uniform. Her juices ran down her leg all through the game and the noise from the crowd when the team scored and then won had driven her right to the edge and held her there.

Ron watched her throughout the game and knew that she was approaching her limit, so right after the game he took her home. At the house, he pulled into the garage and closed the door before either got out of the car. Kim was panting and writhing in her seat as he had the same hard rock blasting through the car for the short ride home. At his command she stripped her uniform and tossed it with his into the washer and then he sent her for a shower. The water raining down upon her kept the vibrator going but the sound was not as bad as it had been at the game or in the car.

Ron entered the bathroom and ordered her onto her knees in the shower. The big stall had enough room for both of them to lay down in it so there was no problem. Ron asked her if she had learned her lesson about cuming without permission. Kim wept and nodded vigorously begging him to let her cum. Ron continued to ask her questions about her cuming and she promised never to do it again without permission if only he would let her cum now. Ron gave her permission and she flicked her clit once and lost control. Between the game and crowd, the classes and the car ride, she had been on edge for hours again. She once again lost control of her bladder and pissed all over the tile in the shower. She convulsed and Ron caught her just before she would have hit the floor as she lost consciousness.

Kim awoke and realized that she was bound. Ron had carried her to bed, bound her wrists and ankles together and covered her up. It was dark out and Ron was next to her asleep. Kim rolled over and put her head on his shoulder and went back to sleep, curious and excited about what Ron would do to her tomorrow.

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