Kim Possible Pornography Story: Master Ron & Marionette Kim Ch 05

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Master Ron & Marionette Kim Ch 05

The next day dawned clear and sunny as usual and Kim awoke with the dawn; however she was still bound wrist and ankle. Ron had left her that way all night and now her bladder was signaling that it was a good time to go. Kim started to squirm and writhe in the bed as she fought to hold her bladder. She slipped beneath the covers and licked Rons nipples. This always got him going and he jerked awake.

Kim pleaded her case and Ron relented, undid her cuffs and sent her to the bathroom. Kim showered quickly and returned to find Ron standing in the bedroom waiting for her. She smiled as she dropped to all fours and crawled to between his legs and licked his throbbing dick. Ron grabbed her head and shoved his cock deep into her throat.

Kim relaxed her throat and accepted him as he fucked her face. She closed her eyes and reveled in the sensation of being used as a fuck doll. Ron treated her exactly as she needed and she loved him for it. While he thrust into her mouth, she worked her tongue and teeth for him, scraping them along the sides of his cock and tonguing the head when he pulled back. She felt him shudder and sighed as he shot his morning load of cum down her throat. It was Saturday and they had all day to play.

When Ron finished breakfast, he lead the naked Kim down to the basement and she shivered at the thought of what was about to happen. Ron only took her to the basement when he was in the mood for a long session. The basement had the serious equipment, the Saint Andrews Cross, the rack, the cage, the whipping bench; it was amazing what you could make from plans on the internet.

Ron stopped in front of the work bench equipped with the toys they used and picked up two vibrating eggs, and a pair of cuffs. These steel ones she would not be able to get out of. Ron led her over to the pole holding up the house beam and pulled her back against it. He cuffed her hands behind it and then inserted one egg up her ass and the other up her cunt. He also attached a large bull dog clip to each nipple.

Taking the long leads on the remotes, Ron put them in her mouth and went back to the work bench. Coming back to where Kim could see him, she saw that he carried 2 rolls of packing plastic wrap. Kim started to twist and squirm as Ron wrapped her left arm a few times then proceeded to wrap her entire body from under her breasts to ankles in the plastic, leaving only her pussy open, stopping only to slap her to stay still and change rolls.

In a few minutes, Kim was completely immobilized and starting to sweat. Ron had left her blindfold off and made sure she was facing the large screen TV. Ron inserted the ring gag and then hit the remote for the TV. Instantly an image of a redheaded girl being double penetrated appeared on the screen. Ron put a strap around her head to hold her to the pole and then turned on the remotes for the eggs. Kim jerked as the eggs started to vibrate insider of her and the porno playing in front of her only made it worse. Ron leaned over to kiss her once then told her to enjoy herself as the movie had about 3 hours and 45 minutes to go and she was not allowed to cum till he said so. Ron flicked each clip and laughed as he walked out of the basement to Kims grunting pleas for release.

After 2 hours Ron returned to the basement and found Kim in almost the same condition he had left her. She was now covered in sweat and forcibly humping thin air to try and get any clitoral stimulation to make her cum. The sweat had pooled at her feet and run freely down her body under the plastic. Her eyes were glazed over and she was barely conscious as the torture had her nearly out of her mind. Ron checked the movie and smiled as he noted that the film was at the point where the main characters were engaged in an all out orgy.

Ron stepped to the work bench and picked up the ultra violet wand. Kim hated this device, but always performed so well when he applied it to her. Moving quietly Ron stepped up to her and laid the wand against her left nipple. The charge carried by the bull clip and the sweat that covered her body had Kim dancing in shock. She had not heard Ron come in during her torment and the contact of the wand shocked her back to where she was.

Ron smiled darkly and applied the wand to her other nipple a little longer. Kim convulsed in agony and was left breathless and panting when he removed it. Ron continued to apply the wand to various parts of her upper body and watching as she danced for him. Finally Ron applied it to her cunt lips and she shrieked in pain and delight but still did not cum. Ron shut the wand off and walked out of the basement leaving her panting in bondage, closer to orgasm than ever, but still just short.

When the movie ended Ron returned to the basement and quickly cut Kim down from the post and let her drop to her knees in exhaustion. Being that close to orgasm but not coming had taken all her strength. Ron ordered her to clean up the mess and left the basement again. Kim struggled to her feet and began to follow her orders. At no time did her fingers stray to her over wrought pussy. Her Master had not told her to cum and after Friday at school and the game, she was not about to make that mistake again.

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