Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets grasped

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim gets grasped

Prelude: Kim is on her way to stop Draken once again.


After calling in a favor Kim was dropped at Drakken’s hideout. She sneaked in and came face to face with Shego. 

Shego: Glad you came Kimmy, can I take your coat? 

Kim: You already did, don’t worry it will look better on me. 

Kim was attacked Drakken’s henchman, one by one they attacked her and one by one she fought them off. She chased after Shego, and found her in a room full of hundreds of Drakken’s henchman, way too many even for Kim. 

Shego: Face it pumpkin, fashion isn’t the only thing in which I’m a step ahead. 

Kim was bound by iron chains on her legs and her hands above her head. 

Shego: Comfy? 

Kim: Not really! 

Shego: Good, leave us. (She sent out her henchman) I’ve been waiting for this moment Kim. (Shego unzipped her skin tight black and green outfit, leaving her in a black bra and black crotchless panties, along with black stockings and a garter belt.) 

Kim: Um, what are you doing? 

Shego: What I’ve always wanted to do Kim! 

Shego unbuttoned and unzipped Kim’s black pants dropping them to the floor she grinned evilly at the sight of Kim’s thong. 

Shego: Green, my favorite color Kim! 

Kim: You are sick stop this now! 

Shego: Stop it? I’ve only began Kimmy! 

Shego took a knife and cut off Kim’s black sweater, exposing her pale skin and the bright green bra. ‘Nice but too bad she don’t fill out a bra like me’ Shego thought to herself. She then pulled out a black riding crop, she traced the edge of it up and down Kim’s front, she teasingly slid it under her thong rubbing it against her pussy. Kim was trying to hide it, but this side of Shego was getting her hot, plus the rubbing on her pussy while her arms were bonded was getting her very wet too. 

Naturally though Kim protested telling her to stop, but that fell on deaf ears, Shego was really getting into this. Next Shego unhooked Kim’s bra exposing her pink nips. Shego unhooked her own bra freeing her huge D-cup breasts with dark brown nipples. She pressed her body up against Kim’s, their breasts touching as Shego grabbed Kim’s face and forced her tongue in Kim’s mouth. Kim was helpless, Shego had her where she wanted her, Kim tried to protest by turning her head or even biting Shego’s tongue. 

All that did though was egg her on, and ultimately after quite a struggle Kim gave in to the kiss. Soon Shego was French kissing her. Kim was surprise to find that Shego was in fact a great kisser! Granted Kim being 15 she had only kissed a couple of guys, but Shego’s kissing blew them out of the water. Kim reluctantly offered her tongue back to Shego. Shego accepted it and the two engaged in a lesbian kiss that would make any males witnessing it drool! 

For what seemed like hours (even though it was about 10 minutes) Shego broke the kiss. She gave an evil grin, and released Kim from the base of her capture device. So now Kim was still bound just not in the air. Shego fed a big boob to Kim’s mouth. Kim didn’t take it in so Shego gave her ass a good whack with the riding crop. Kim still hesitated so she got a harder whack to the other ass cheek. Realizing she couldn’t win in this situation, Kim started sucking on Shego’s breast. Shego moaned in pleasure. “Good girl Kim!” 

She took the riding crop up and down Kim’s back and her ass. Kim had to admit it was giving her goosebumps. Shego fed Kim her other breast and she did the same sucking trying to get all the tit in her mouth, but not quite succeeding. Shego stroked Kim’s red hair and caressed Kim’s red ass cheeks. Shego forced Kim to the ground, she squatted her incredible ass over Kim’s face. Her ass was so sexy, all of her crack was visible in the black crotchless underwear. 

Kim couldn’t help but admire Shego’s ass and pussy as it was in her face. ‘God, she is so sexy’ Kim thought. ‘What am I saying, she’s forcing me to go dyke with her and I’m admiring her body?’ Shego saw Kim’s admiration, and slowly lowered her butt to Kim’s face. She rubbed her ass back and forth on Kim’s mouth, her pussy brushing across Kim’s lips. Kim’s head was spinning, as she was catching the sweet scent of Shego’s pussy, it was so intoxicating. Maybe Kim had a bit of BI in her, maybe she just knew she was bound, and she had little choice but to submit to Shego, either way, she finally gave in. 

Shego let out a moan as she felt Kim stick out her tongue and slid it across Shego’s wet slit. Shego laughed evilly, knowing that Kim was now gonna be submissive to her. ‘Mmmm my own little redhead slut to take out and play with whenever I choose, this is gonna be good!’ Shego pulled open her crotchless panties giving Kim better access. Kim surprisingly, liked what she was tasting, she dug her tongue inside of Shego’s pussy licking her inner pinkness. 

“Mmmm that’s a good girl Kimmy, mmmm yeah I like that!” Shego slid aside Kim’s green thong and slid two fingers in Kim’s tight box. Kim tensed up, it was the first time fingers that weren’t her own ever entered her box. Shego shoved her fingers deep into Kim’s inexperienced pussy, causing Kim to moan into Shego’s cunt. Most of all with Kim’s legs bound apart she couldn’t do a natural reaction and push her legs together. 

Shego continued riding Kim’s face as Kim was undoubtedly liking her first taste of another girl. Shego stuck out her tongue and gave Kim’s pussy a good hard lick. Kim squirmed to Shego’s delight as Shego found Kim’s clit and began to stimulate it with her tongue, as her fingers continued working in and out of Kim. 

Kim was licking Shego faster and faster swirling her tongue on Shego’s lovely cunt like an ice cream cone. Shego now had her face buried in Kim’s red bush. Kim couldn’t believe it she was about to have her first orgasm, and it was Shego who was gonna give it to her! She never thought in a millon years that she would be doing a lesbian 69 with another girl much less Shego! Kim’s ass gyrated up and down as her body exploded covering Shego with her sweet girl cum. Shego licked up Kim’s cum, not wanting to miss a drop of those sweet juices. 

Shego smothered Kim’s mouth with her crotch, she rode Kim’s face hard! Her hands grabbed Kim’s hard nipples and twisted them hard. 

“Let me touch your tits, I wanna feel you up while I lick your pretty pussy Shego!” 

Shego realized Kim’s hands were bound and what Kim wanted her to do. Shego got the key and unlocked Kim’s hands from the chains. Kim squeezed Shego’s big tits pulling on the pointed brown nipples as Shego did the same to Kim’s pink nubs. Kim buried her face deep in Shego’s dark haired snatch and her tongue got deep in her. Soon Shego was a moaning screaming girl as Kim sent her to an orgasm. Kim found all of Shego’s girl cream to be even more delicious than the precum she tasted before. 

After that Shego laid next to Kim, and kissed her softly on the mouth, both sighed in pleasure of the orgasm they had just received from one another. Shego couldn’t help but close her eyes as she snuggled up to her new lover. 

That’s when Kim’s hug turned into a headlock on Shego. 

“OK Shego give me the key to my leg cuffs!” 

Shego was totally caught off guard and ultimately gave the keys to Kim. Kim gave Shego a hard uppercut so she would have time to get the cuffs off without Shego jumping her. After that she locked a still practically naked Shego in the bondage device and got herself dressed.

The End?

Comment if you would like me to add a part with Ron in it.

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