Kim Possible Pornography Story: A Warmed interchange pt4

Kim Possible Pornography Story: A Warmed interchange pt4

Kim wasn’t sure what to expect that night. She had never been past Bonnie’s front porch, let alone inside her house; but she had also never kissed her before today. Kim wasn’t even sure when to go either, “tonight” is a big window. She resolved to going around 6 o’clock, giving her an hour and a half from now. She wanted to go and get her stuff back from Monique’s place, but she wasn’t sure whether or not she could tell Monique about what happened in the shower.

Monique is a big girl, she could take it if I have a little fun for once. But would she tell Ron? He can’t know, I know he likes me, it would break his little heart.

Kim was walking home by herself. She wasn’t sure about having no panties on, she was still pretty wet and was legitimately worried that it would show through. She couldn’t wear pants to “Bunnie’s” house, but decided she really didn’t want to go back to Monique’s house in case she would have to give up this marvelous pair that turned heads. She walked home instead, despite her desire to tell her friends everything, she decided to keep that quite.

Kim got home when her brothers were busy doing homework. Kim slipped upstairs without being noticed, and decided to straighten up her hair and was about to change when she got a text message from Tara.

“Bring a change of clothes, we’re staying the night. Be at her house instead at 7.”

Well, that’s solved. I wonder if I should eat first?

Then she got another text from Tara, “Eat before you get here, we only have snacks.” So Kim went downstairs, did some very important homework, (hardly, who could concentrate on homework at a time like that? Let’s just say she wasn’t 100 percent focused). Kim ate some leftover lasagna and then explained to her parents that she was invited to a slumber party, and it would be a damn shame if she didn’t make it.

She left later than anticipated, and got there late. She wore a a white blouse, and a gray jacket, with a white skirt that went down to mid-thigh and a pair of white sandals. As promised, Kim did not put on any underwear in hopes that Tara would return her previous pair. With a backpack containing toothpaste and a toothbrush, and an extra black shirt and signature cargo pants, Kim stepped up on Bonnie’s front step and looked at her Kimmunicator. It read 7:06, better time than Kim had thought she would make it. She knocked, and Tara answered, “Kimmie, girl, come in!” Kim looked at Tara with renewed lust. the girl she had eaten out only a few hours ago, was wearing a pink blouse that was so loose, it draped off of her boobs and nipples, making them appear even larger, and accentuating the curvature of her chest. it swayed with her movement, but Kim could tell that Tara was not wearing any bra with the movements her chest made as well. She had on blue-jean shorts, and was barefoot; Kim noticed her pink toenails, and on her big toes, little sparkling gems were set in, with details of white around them. “No shoes inside the house Kimmie, leave them there.” Tara told her.

Kim removed her shoes and set her stuff down and upon turning around was greeted with a big hug from Tara. “Don’t break your new girlfriend!” Kim exclaimed.

“Sorry. Bonnie’s in the living room, she wants to talk to you.” Tara replied, letting go of Kim. Kim followed Tara, surprised at how Tara was not annoyed at the attempts her chest made to free themselves from the rest of her body, and the two arrived in the living room, a rather empty room except for a few chairs and some large windows that went from floor to ceiling and overlooked Bonnie’s backyard. Kim could see Bonnie had a rather large yard, and a big pool, complete with a jacuzzi.

“I appreciate what you said.” came a voice from directly to Kim’s left. Bonnie spoke up again, “It is not easy to admit to things like that, and it takes a lot of humility to push pride aside like that. Still I want to be completely sure you are interested in building a new relationship.” Kim saw Bonnie facing her in one of the chairs, sitting up, but she had her feet resting on a footrest. She was wearing a tight black shirt which hugged her small boobs, and short black shorts. “Come here and beg your forgiveness, sexy girl.” As she said that she waved one foot in the air, wiggling her toes. Kim could see that Bonnie had painted her toes a coat of shiny black. Bonnie had very petite feet, but their form were perfect, they had the right shape and her toes were very enticing to the red-head. Kim walked slowly over, and knelt down, making sure that her skirt didn’t come up too high, and she planted a very small kiss on the tip of her rival’s beautiful black toes.

“I’m beginning to think that you don’t want this, Kimmie. You’ll have to do a LOT better than that!” Pleased that she had Bonnie’s blessing, Kim went to the other foot, touching the toes to her upper lip, inhaling the scent of each one, realizing that they smelled like, Vanilla? Kim thought, and she eagerly pounced the big toe, sucking it, and much to her surprise, it tasted better than it smelled. She could taste Bonnie, taste her flesh, her appeal. Kim switched to two little toes at a time, sucking on them like some kind of backwards musical instrument. she switched toes frequently, wrapping each around her tongue, feeling their texture. Bonnie enjoyed this, and used her other foot to delicately remove Kim’s bangs from in front of her face. Upon doing so, Kim snatched that foot up and brought her lips to each toe, tasting them, feeling them, sucking each one to Bonnie’s content.

“That’s better,” Bonnie said. “Now you may officially ask us out.” She continued.

Kim pulled the three small black toes out of her mouth and climbed up on Bonnie, pressing as much of her body against her friend, and embraced her in a big french kiss, and then quickly broke it. Kim touched her forehead to Bonnie’s and then said “will the two of you go out with me?”

Bonnie was stunned. She didn’t know Kim had a bad girl side to her. Tara said “Yes!” immediately, but it took Bonnie a second to echo her response.

Kim started kissing Bonnie again and the two were quickly joined by Tara who jiggled her way over and sat down next to Bonnie and started throwing and interjecting tongue in between the other two. Kim was eager to make out with her new “Bunnie,” she forgot about her other girlfriend until Tara’s tongue found it’s way inside her mouth. They made out for several minutes, and as Tara’s hand started flicking Kim’s throbbing clit underneath her skirt, Bonnie broke the kiss.

“We’ll have all night for that, but for now let’s not rush ourselves. I feel like a swim.”

“But I didn’t bring a bathing suit…” Kim started.

“And I’m surprised you didn’t even bring any panties.” Bonnie snapped. “Nonetheless, my family’s gone for the night, they went to Go, just go swimming without one, we all will.”

And with that, Kim got up off of Bonnie, and followed her Bonnie and the jiggling Tara to the pool outside. Kim looked over as Tara confirmed Kim’s prediction by removing all clothing, revealing a lack of underwear indeed. But then she looked over at Bonnie,who removed her shirt, very slowly Kim thought. She watched as Bonnie’s hair fell out of it, slowly. Bonnie went to remove the black bra she had on, and did that skillfully, yet slowly. as it fell off, Kim let out a quiet gasp as she saw the beautiful tanned breasts, just as they appeared in her dream.

Tara surprised Kim by grabbing her boobs from behind. “Aren’t you going to swim with us?” Tara inquired. “You cant do that with this on!” she said as she pulled off Kim’s jacket and blouse, letting Kim’s breasts pop out of hiding. Kim pinched Tara’s long pink clit playfully as a response to just having her top ripped off. Tara jumped and Kim slipped the skirt off, revealing her her cute little red fluff being the only inconsistency against the rest of her flawless body. She looked over to see a nude Bonnie jump into the pool, and pulled Tara along as she dove in, Tara in tow, big boobs resisting the motion.

After regaining composure, the three nude girls walked over toward each other and gave short pecks on the cheek.

“So, how long have you too been seeing each other?” Kim asked. She had wanted to ask that question ever since she got to Bonnie’s house.

Bonnie took the lead, “Well, we kind of started at the beginning of Middleton high. but it wasn’t anything serious until second year. We were still dating other boys, but we never had as much fun with them as we did together.” She Kissed Tara on the nose, the three of them still embraced. “I’ve liked a lot of girls before, including many of our friends, but you and Tara are the only ones who know.”

“So, you’ve always thought I was cute?” Kim said, with a bright smile of acceptance appearing on her face.

“Even though I hated your guts and wanted nothing more than to beat you up at times, I have always thought you were absolutely adorable.” Bonnie replied, her face molding to the tone of her voice as she spoke. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to taste the forbidden fruit of Kim Possible.” Bonnie said, with a sly grin on her face. She looked at Tara, and she nodded back.

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