Kim Possible Pornography Story: kim’s lost weekend

Kim Possible Pornography Story: kim’s lost weekend

Friday after School:

“Great Practice Team.” Kim Possible said as the Middleton High Cheerleaders walked into the girl’s locker room. “Remember the big game against Upperton is tonight.” Kim, being the captain of the cheerleaders, was always the last to leave. Kim removed a vent cover and began her work, installing a small battery powered camera. “Now,” Kim thought, “When the Upperton football players come in here after the game, I’ll be watching! I always hated that they let the visitors use the girl’s lockers, but not anymore.” With her camera in place Kim went home to set up her DVD recorder.

That evening Kim and the rest of the cheerleaders were there for the game. Kim saw Ron and yelled “You and Monique are coming over tomorrow, right?”

“Yeah KP, around 4pm.”

“Cool, later.”

Middleton tried but lost horribly. Brick, the quarterback couldn’t keep his eyes off Kim. After the game finished Kim just couldn’t help smiling knowing that soon she would be watching her locker room cam. Before leaving she wondered were Bonnie went to, she missed the end of the game, “Oh well, no big” Kim said quietly.

Kim burst thru the front door. “We lost, I’m gonna go upstairs and go to bed.”

“OK Kimmy, see you tomorrow.”

Kim burst into her room and immediately pressed play on the DVD. She scanned forward until, yes, they were just walking in from the game. They had all just gotten naked when Bonnie waked in. “So that’s were Bonnie went, that little slut.”

The football players were shocked. Jack, the quarterback, said it she would be hotter if that dress wasn’t in the way. Bonnie smiled and said if he didn’t want her to wear it, then why didn’t he remove it. He stood up and walked behind her and undid the zipper slowly. As the dress fell slowly from her shoulders, her breasts were exposed. The guys all let out a cheer. They all were very impressed with her tits and Jack said he had never seen nipples that long or hard.

Bonnie smiled and asked Kirk to remove the remainder of the dress. Kirk stood up with an obvious bulge in his pants and slid her dress over her hips and down her legs.

Bonnie began dancing seductively and went over to Cory (the young guy on the team). She spun around and shook her ass in front of Cory’s face. She let out a moan and said “Wow Cory, you are packing an impressive weapon.” She spun around and pushed Cory down on the couch.

Kim watched as Bonnie teased Cory’s enormous bulge through his boxers. Bonnie now removed those and gently began to kiss Cory’s throbbing cock. She smiled and said, “Wow, this thing is huge!” It was 9 inches and extremely thick. She took the head in her mouth and began to suck on it. Bonnie began to wiggle her ass and softly stroked her clit as she sucked on Cory’s shaft. Jack jumped up and slid in behind Bonnie and began to softly lick her clit as she sucked on Cory. The guys all started chanting her name and challenging her to suck that big cock. Bonnie took his shaft in her hand and opened her mouth as wide as she could and plunged down on his shaft. She had most of it in her mouth and was groaning as Jack had begun to lick her butt hole as he slipped two fingers in her dripping pussy.

Bonnie told Jack to fuck her now and he slid his short, stubby cock into her and she began to buck back against him. She was whimpering and began to slurp harder on Cory’s cock. Cory was totally lost now and told her he was going to blow his load. She slid back up to his head and slurped even faster preparing herself for his load. He blasted a hot load of cum into her mouth and she caught most of it. She looked so hot with some cum dripping from her lips and she licked them to try and catch what she could. Jack was still thrusting into her from behind and she cried out in pleasure.

Keith slid in front of her and placed yet another fairly large cock in front of her. Bonnie plunged directly down on his cock as she hit her first orgasm from Jack slamming into her. Bonnie sucked on Keith as fast as she could, deep throating him as Jack pulled out and blasted a load of sticky cum all over her sweet ass. After wiping her off, Rob moved in behind her and in one thrust drove his thick 7 inch cock into her. Keith could no longer hold off from her deep throating and shot a load into her mouth. Bonnie gulped it all up and continued sucking on Keith until he could take no more. He moved away from her mouth and then the image died, the batteries had died.


“Bye Kim, we’ll be home late tomorrow and we’ll drop the twins at nanas.”

“Bye, love you.”

As soon as her parents had gone she entered her parent’s room. After much searching she found what she was looking for, a 12 long vibrator. She took it and put it in the kitchen. When Ron and Monique showed up Kim greeted them with the vibrator in hand.

“KIM, is THAT a, what’s tha-”

“Damn, KP…”

“Monique, Ron… we’re going to have so much fun.”

Kim then offered each some wine, and soon they were all drunk. Kim then started to explain there next game, “OK, now I’ll spin the vibrator and whoever it lands on I get to remove a piece of clothing from, then it’s that person’s turn, got it?”

Kim then gave the vibrator a spin, it landed on Ron. Kim reached over and pulled his shirt off, she burst out giggling as she saw his flabby chest.

“OK, my turn.” Ron said. Ron gave it a spin and it landed on Kim. Ron pulled her pants off revealing her shapely thighs.

Kim gave it a spin and it landed on herself, “crap,” Kim said, she then pulled off her green tube top. She gave it another spin, landing on Monique. She took Monique’s pants and pulled them off roughly.

Monique spun, landing on Ron; he quickly lost his pants reveling an obvious bulge.

Ron spun and Kim lost again, after a small amount of hesitation he un-hooked Kim’s bra letting her gorgeous boobs swing free.

Kim spun and once again landed on herself. She let out a small moan and pulled her panties off leaving her completely naked. She spun again and removed Monique’s panties reveling her young hairy pussy.

Monique spun and Kim’s bad luck never ended as she was landed on again. “OK, Kim come over here and lick my pussy.”

“No, well, OK.”

Kim moved over and spread Monique’s pussy lips, and took a quick taste before plunging in tongue first. Ron pulled his dick free and began stroking it. Monique motioned Ron over and took hid dick in her mouth. Kim then suddenly ran off, and Ron moved his dick into Monique’s wet pussy.

Kim ran back wearing a strap-on and inserted in Monique’s ass. With this violent intrusion Monique orgasmed. After a moment’s hesitation Kim took Ron in her mouth as she continued to fuck Monique, As soon as he was in Kim’s mouth, Ron shot his load. Kim, despite for dick, pulled off the strap-on and gave it to Monique who then began to pump into Kim’s tight snatch. Kim sucked hard on Ron as she approached orgasm, and then it happened they all came at once and collapsed from exhaustion.


Kim awoke to the sound of her kimunicator and a major hangover, “What Wade!?”

“Uh, Kim you’re naked.”

Kim ran out of the room and came back rapped in a robe “What’s the stitch wade?”

“Here, Check this out.”

The screen changed to a local news cast “…The body of the teenage girl was found early this morning in the Middleton woods, the identity of the victim hasn’t been disclosed yet and… This just in the body has been identified as Bonnie Rockwaller, all persons with information are asked to call the Middleton police department…”

“Oh. My. God.”

Kim felt herself sink until see was sitting on the floor, even though Bonnie was her nemesis, in her high school hours at least; a part of her world had died. She found it hard to accept that such a tragedy could occur in her town, to someone she knew.

“Find out what happened Wade.”

“But Kim, it’s an open police investigation,” said Wade, not surprised by Kim’s immediate need to get to the bottom of things.

“Just hack into their system, you’ve done it before and get back to me when you find something.”

‘What happened last night?’ Kim thought to herself as she finally noticed the mess around her, tables turned over, food spilt on the floor and Monique’s panties lying on the sofa, ‘she must have left without them.’ Kim tried to remember but all she could recall was watching TV after they all fucked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“Great Even Stevens is on,” said Ron.

“That show’s sooo fucking lame,” slurred Monique, still drunk and sounding somewhat detacted.

“Yeah but check out Ren! She’s totally hot! I’d love to fuck her in her tight ass,” Ron told them seriously.

Everyone laughed. Kim was curled up on the sofa holding Monique while Ron lay on the floor.

“What do you think?” Kim remembered whispering into Monique’s ear as she pulled her tighter, “I’d fuck Ren.”

Monique smiled, Ron was spent and tired, useless as usual on the floor, but Monique was ready for some more. Kim pushed back Monique’s head and began to kiss one of her chocolate colored nipples, working her tongue in a circular motion around the hard nipple, which she playfully bit. Monique moaned and Kim stopped caressing her other breast with her hand and moved it down over her tight abs, running her fingers through the thick and curly bush of Monique’s. Using her index and ring finger to spread Monique’s cunt, Kim inserts her middle finger and begins to finger her clit in quick up and down motions. Monique kisses Kim with genuine passion, her tongue going deep into Kim mouth pressing against her own.

“Alright!” Ron yells, having found the wrestling on one of the channels, “Pain King vs. Steel Toe in Mexican cage match with hard core street rules and the loser is going to be buried alive!”

Kim felt Ron was ruining the moment but Monique in her drunkenness turned her attention to the wrestling.

“You and your fuckin’ ‘wrasslin’, I am so out of here!” Kim was enraged by a combination of the alcohol and frustration at Ron destroying her scene with Monique. The last thing she remembered, she had thrown some clothes on hastily and headed for the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

‘But where’d I go?’ Kim thought stopping to make herself a coffee. Kim concentrated as much as she could but with her pounding headache and the morbid news of Bonnie’s demise starting hundreds of thoughts racing through her head all at once, she couldn’t remember anymore of the previous evening. Kim took another sip of her coffee, which was bitter and strong and glanced around at the mess she had to clean up before anyone else got home. Then something caught her attention. It took a second for her reeling mind to fully comprehend it, but there on the coffee table in a small was Bonnie’s knapsack, complete with suspicious red stains all over it. Kim’s cup fell from her hand and smashed on the floor, ‘Bonnie must have being here some time last night’ she realized.

The first plan Kim could come up with was to head straight over to Ron’s house, shake him out of bed and find out what went down at her house while they were all drunk. Arriving at his door she found that no one was answering so she hopped the side fence to run around back to get to Ron’s bedroom window. Dragging a small box over to the bottom of his window for her to stand on, Kim peeped in to see Monique lying on Ron’s bed reading a comic book, completely naked. Kim was both surprised by what she saw and slightly turned on and found herself not wanting to knock on the glass to let Monique know that she was there right away, but staring dreamily at her nice shapely body. Monique had small but perfectly shaped breasts with large nipples and a huge fluffy bush, which Kim would gladly bury her face in anytime. Laying there on the bed in the morning sunlight, Monique looked like a fresh centre fold. Kim was on the point and diving through the window and asking Monique if they could 69 each other, but then Ron walked into the room wearing only his boxer shorts.

“Here I made you breakfast,” Ron said holding out a plate with some toast.

“Not right now,” Said Monique, taking the toast and placing in on his nightstand. Monique then stood up and with out warning grabbed Ron and performed a spine buster, slamming him onto the bed which shook.

‘Wow, she’s sooo strong and sooo sexy,’ thought Kim dreamily.

Monique climbed up and stood on Ron’s bed head, adding her own commentary, “Pain King’s heading for the top rope.”

She then jumped, Ron moving out of the way in the last moment (just like in the TV wrestling) to avoid her elbow. Monique bounced high on the bed, Kim feeling herself getting moist at the sight of Monique titties jiggling as she went up and down. Ron pinned her and began his own count, but just as he to two Monique grabbed him by both his ears violently shoved his head between her legs saying “Your going down!” in her best Pain King voice. Ron brings his right hand up under his chin and pushes his index and middle finger deep into Monique’s cunt, which is already dripping from excitement. He moves his fingers in and out slowly at first then increases the pace. Monique lies back moaning quietly. Ron pulls his fingers nearly out and the uses only his finger tips to lovingly spread her juicy pussy, pausing only a moment to look at the sweet pink clit before beginning to tickle her with his drooling tongue.

“Yeah!!!” Monique moans and Kim is thinking, ‘I can’t believe that Ron is actually good at something!’

Ron keeps eating out Monique until she is screaming loudly and shaking with pleasure, Ron’s small cock all the time pressing against the front of his boxer shorts. Monique cums and stretches out on the bed briefly before taking hold of Ron’s shoulders and rolling him so the she is on top and literally tears the underwear right off of him.

“Hey my mom got those for me,” Ron complained.

“You’re my bee-yatch now!” Monique tells him, smiling wickedly and obviously getting a kick from Ron’s geekiness.

She looks down at his cock, which is small but rock solid and throbbing and squats over it, taking a brief moment to insert it into her wet pussy, then begins to ride Ron roughly. The whole bed shakes and jolts as Monique pumps up and down on him, her cute abs clenching and beads of sweet developing on every inch of her skin. Kim would love to lick every drop of it off her. “Yeah, yeah,” she moans, playfully slamming her tiny fist against Ron who is looking at his ceiling as though he is in heaven.

Finally after much humping, Ron cums inside Monique and she drops herself back onto the bed beside him, breathing heavily, her chest heaving and looking so sexy. “She is so beautiful,’ Kim thinks, unable to watch any longer, she forces the window and climbs in.

“Kim!? What are you doing here!?” Ron asks, Monique is too exhausted to respond but winks at Kim and suggestively run her tongue across her upper lip as though she knew all along that Kim was watching and wanted to give her a show.

“Look sorry to barge in like this,” Kim says awkwardly, “But I seriously need to know what happened last night.

Bonnie was found murdered in the woods; it’s all over the news.”

“I can’t believe it,” Monique said stunned.

“Are you sure KP?” asked Ron.

“Of course, Wade’s checking it out for me. I thought you too could tell me what went on last night after I got dressed, I can’t remember.”

“Well you got a little pissed then split,” Monique said honestly.

“Yeah KP, you were like out for so long that we left your house and came here,” Ron adds.

“I’m sure that you both came her last night,” Kim says a little bitter that she didn’t get more time with the luscious Monique. “Well I better get going, mum, dad and the tweebs will be home in an hour and I still have a house I so have to clean up.” Kim gracefully ducks back out the window, bending in a way to show off her toned butt to Monique and briefly looking back to flash a smile to her to let her know that she really dug her performance and would see her later.

* * *

It was a hard chore to get the house tidy, but Kim Possible can do anything and the floor was spotless, everything back in place and he trash taken out by the time her family came home. Kim was tired and still sore headed so after dinner she headed straight to her room to go over the initial finding of the investigation which Wade had sent her. Bonnie had being brutally beaten to death and had the word ‘slut’ carved into her stomach. Kim put down the grissly reports and thought it herself, ‘well the killer must have being known to her’ and was guilty as she chuckled to herself imagining Bonnie’s funeral and her tomb stone having the word ‘slut’ on it. Kim lays her gorgeous head onto her pillow and flips the switch to her lamb. The room becomes dark and Kimmy drifts off to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It’s the entrance to the girl’s locker room at school, looking a little bit unfamiliar as it is nighttime and Kim only ever is there during daylight hours. It’s locked up but Kim adeptly picks the lock and walks stumbles in. She tears of three vent covers in a drunken stupor, before hitting the right one and retrieving her camera. She leaves making no attempt to cover up her break in and takes the short cut through the woods. She sees a figure up ahead and as she gets closer realizes that it’s Bonnie, dressed like she’s coming back from a party.

“Well if it isn’t Kim the loser, did Ron stand you up tonight?” Bonnie cruelly mocks Kim.

“He so didn’t, I’m just collecting my camera,” Kim holds the camera out. “I was filming in our locker room today and got your whole gang bang recorded. Don’t worry, I’ll send a copy to your parents and the school and then get Wade to put it all on the internet.”

Bonnie’s face changes from a smirk to a panicked expression. “Gimme that,” she yells as she lunges and tries to hit Kim with her knapsack. Kim uses her kung fu to easily take the knapsack off her and strike her across the face at the same time. There’s a crisp cracking sound and blood streams from Bonnie’s nose.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Kim wakes up. ‘Oh, it was all a dream,’ she tells herself. ‘Or was it?’ Kim leans over to turn on the light and finds her camera is inside the knapsack which she didn’t check earlier, just quickly hid under her bed before cleaning up and had forgotten about. She tries hard to remember Saturday night, but still comes up blank. Thinking rationally she comes to the conclusion that she must have left the house and got her camera and that the confrontation with Bonnie probably really went down. Suddenly fear and a powerful sense of doubt came over her and she came to the unthinkable conclusion, ‘I killed Bonnie!’

* * *

The next morning Kim awoke to the beep of her Kimunicator.

“What’s the sitch?”

“I just got the report on Bonnie’s clothing, the only evidence the police lab found on them was her own blood, a few strands of long red hair and a small piece of blue fabric. They believe these to be from the killer and will most likely use DNA technology to match these to any suspects. When they find the garment the fabric was torn from then they can place their killer at the scene,” Wade says, not in the least bit expecting Kim to have anything to do with it.

“Well keep me in the loop for any new developments, I am so all over this case” Kim said on the surface maintaining her cool but inside unnerved and shaken as she was certain the police had her hair sample.

“Will do,” Wade ends his message.

Kim rushed to the pile of dirty washing in the laundry and after rummaging through it for a couple of seconds, came up with her blue Club Banana shorts. A quick check of these confirmed Kim’s fear, a small section had indeed being torn from the right leg. Deep down Kim knew in her heart she was a good girl and not capable of murder, but with all evidence pointing to her she could not sit back and do nothing, but must find the real killer before anyone suspects her. Kim hurriedly dresses and is out the door headed for the first stop in her investigation, Bonnie’s room. She feels that it makes sense to look for clues about anyone who might have a motive for killing Bonnie in her personal belongings.

* * *

Kim hides behind a fence and watches until Bonnie’s parents leave the house, and then sneaks around back. In the first window she sees a desk and book shelf so she moves on, in the next is a bed covered in colorful pillows and there a Backstreet Boys poster on the wall, ‘bingo.’ Kim jimmies open the window and sleeks in. The first thing she looks for is a diary. If Bonnie was hanging around with any older guys who could be the culprit it would be in there. She imagines that it’s her room and then systematically checks every place hat she would hide her own diary from the tweebs, but this soon becomes frustrating. Either Bonnie never kept a diary or it is hidden in some brilliantly devious place. Kim angrily kicks at the shoe rack holding about twenty pairs of shoes sitting in the floor of her closet and hears a creek from the floor. Clearing the shoe rack out of the way, Kim discovers some loose floorboards and pulls them up to find a cash tin inside. Someone can be heard unlocking the front door so Kim makes a quick escape, taking the tin with her satisfied that the innermost secrets of Bonnie would be locked inside it.

* * *

Back at home Kim make short work of the cash tin with her picking tools and opens it up to find no diary, just some cash a small bag of weed and a couple of video tapes. She pops one into the video player and presses play: It’s Bonnie’s room, the camera shakes a bit and then is still and Bonnie steps into frame as though she has just set the camera to record and placed it on her dresser. Bonnie is in a dominatrix get up made completely of black leather. She looks menacing but very kinky in her knee high boots, leather thong, pointed black bra, long gloves and a cat woman type mask. Her right hand reaches out of frame and then pulls Tara into in view. Bonnie has her by a short leash that is attached to a studded dog collar Tara is wearing, other than that she is in her cheerleader uniform.

“Take off your clothes!!!” Bonnie orders sternly. Tara lifts off her top and slides down her skirt with out blinking, then unhooks her bra and lets it fall to the floor. Her breasts are perky with candy pink nipples. She slips off her plain white panties, balls them up and tosses them off camera. She has a completely shaved pussy and stands the some how looking snow white and innocent in front of a leering Bonnie. Bonnie leans in and with her hand behind Tara, pulls the leash sharply downward bringing Tara’s head back suddenly. Tara lets out a small yelp but does not resist as Bonnie roughly fondles her breast with her free hand. She pinches the nipple and pulls it, stretching Tara tit out from her body, while still holding the leash from behind. Bonnie twists the nipple, obviously getting off on the pain she is inflicting. Bonnie’s hand then goes straight down and she roughly jams three of fingers into Tara’s cunt and begins to feel around inside as though she is looking for something.

“Have you being a good girl and kept your pussy clean?” Bonnie demands cruelly.

“Yes Madam,” Tara answers automatically in a quivering voice.

“Let me see!” Bonnie says bending Tara over. Tara has a perfectly shaped ass and Bonnie grabs it squeezing it tightly and looks her hairless pussy, “You’ve been a bad girl and it’s time for me to punish you,” Bonnie says with a twisted smile. She takes a pair of handcuffs and restrains Tara’s hand behind her back, then pushes her down so her face and chest are on her bed. Bonnie reaches under the bed and comes up with a short cat o’ nine tails type whip and lashes Tara across her bare ass and silky pussy.

“Ahhhhh,” Tara exclaims and this excites Bonnie, who whips her again and again getting more and more excited with each stroke.

Final she throws the whip down, Tara’s ass and pussy are red and there are small tears in the corners of her eyes. Bonnie takes out a vibrator and a strap on which has a shaft as thick as her own wrist. She fastens on the strap on and picks up the vibrator and briskly runs it through small tub of a kind of lubricant. She flips it on and it comes to life violently almost escaping her grip. The vibrator moves so erotically, almost like a tentacle that drops of lubricant can be seen flying off it. Bonnie rams the vibrator into Tara’s ass with a single sudden push, leaving it inserted so that only a very small portion of the base is visible, she then jams the strap on into Tara’s tight little pussy. Her motions are so rough that shivers run the whole way up Tara’s supple body. Bonnie fucks her roughly until Tara cannot help moaning and shuddering with orgasm. Bonnie removes the strap on and jerks the vibrator out of her ass and tosses it aside. Bonnie tears off her own panties and sits on the bed. She tugs the leash bringing Tara forward. Tara’s head is between Bonnie’s legs and her hands are still restrained behind her back by the cuffs. Bonnie gets out a dildo and has Tara hold it in her mouth. She inserts the tip just slightly into her own pussy and then leans back and tugs at the leash. Tara on her knees begins the use her whole body in a back and forward motion to fuck Bonnie’s loose pussy with the dildo which she has griped in her mouth, her muscle are tense up and down her back. ” Faster!!!” Bonnie commands jerking on the leash.

Kim is not surprised at all by what she sees. She tries another tape and finds that it is more of the same, this time Tara is tied down on Bonnie’s bed wearing a blindfold. Bonnie stands over her laughing devilishly holding a candle. She tilts the candle and a drop of hot wax falls onto Tara’s nipple, causing her whole body to squirm around.

“Ouch,” Tara moans in a combination of pleasure and pain.

Bonnie lets a few more drops fall onto Tara’s shivering naked body before placing the candle down and picking up a small box. Bonnie pulls a spring clothes peg out of the box and opens it up wide around one of Tara’s hard nipple, then suddenly releases it. The peg snaps around Tara’s nipple and her whole body shudders. Bonnie walks towards the foot of the bed and forcefully spreads Tara’s snatch. She pull out another peg and opens it up before letting it snap shut, catching one of Tara’s moist pink lips.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” Tara’s leg shake and her head pushes back into the mattress. Bonnie lets another peg snap and the another.

Tara reacts to each peg shaking and moaning her arms and legs restrained to the bed. Bonnie places the pegs down and unties Tara’s feet for a moment before retying them to the head of the bed beside her hands, Tara’s knees are by her ears now. Bonnie makes a fist with her right hand and pushes it slowly into Tara’s pussy.

Kim cannot believe her eyes. Just watching it makes her cross her legs. ‘I hope I never end up that loose,’ Kim thinks to herself. Now certain that the trail leads to Tara, Kim decides that she will pick the right moment to confront her at school tomorrow, in order to find out what other playmates Bonnie had and if they could be the killer. Kim felt an uneasiness as she went to bed that night, Middleton was no longer the decent place she had grown up in.

* * *

Kim awoke to the sound of her alarm clock and rolled out of. She took a moment to stretch her back and yawn loudly. Stumbling over to the window, Kim rubs her eye before opening the curtain. Suddenly she was jolted from being in a half asleep state to being totally awake as she beheld a knife stained in blood sitting on her bed stand. Her hands were shaking when she picked it up, but when she saw that there was dry blood on her fingernails she dropped the knife and ran to the bathroom and franticly washed her hands clean.

“Morning Kimmy, breakfast will be ready in a mo……” Kim didn’t hear mom, her mind was in another place, she ran right by her and out the door still in her pajamas wearing her sneakers. Kim ran the whole way to Tara’s house. Her instinct was right, a police car blocked the drive and she could see Tara’s parents, teary eyed and distraught, being interviewed by a cop. She didn’t get close enough to hear what they were saying, but knew. ‘No, not again,’ Kim thought, ‘this time there’s no denying it, I killed Tara!’

Ron was standing in front of his full length mirror coming his hair and practicing so silly dance steps like he does every morning before school, when Kim climbed through his window.

“KP! What are you doing here?” Ron asked surprised.

Kim was still breathing heavily from her run, “You gotta help me out Ron! I’m the one who killed Bonnie and I’m sure last night I killed Tara!”

“KP that is so sick and wrong, why’d you do this?” Ron asked, totally bewildered.

“I don’t know, I mean I can’t remember doing it. I must have being like sleep walking or something,” Kim fell to the floor exhausted and confused, unsure what to think.

“Well first thing KP, we gotta get the police on the phone and report this,” Ron thought out loud.

“No way man, I can’t turn myself in, I’m so not the prison type,” Kim crawled over to Ron and grabbed him by his belt, “please don’t tell anyone.”

“I’m sure Monique can help us work it out,” Ron thinking out loud again.

“No forget her, this has to stay between us, PLEASE Ron help me!” Kim said. She thinks for a moment before unzipping his jeans. “You don’t need Monique, you have me,” Kim said reaching into his pants and pulling out his small dick.

“You gonna help me Ron?” Kim said and kissed the tip of his cock.

“Alright Kim,” said Ron totally convinced.

“Good,” Kim said as she began to massage his cock with her delicate hand.

Despite her kung fu training, Kim’s palms are soft and soon Ron’s cock is hard. Kim begins to suck on his cock, slowly nodding her head back and forward, easily taking his short dick all the way up to the base in her mouth with each motion. Kim stopped holding the base with her hand and reaching inside his pant and began to gently play with Ron’s little balls. His eyes roll back and Ron feels like he is in heaven. Ron has his hand on each side of Kim’s head in her smooth hair, after a few more moments of Kim sucking his cock like it was a candy apple, he puts his left hand on her shoulder and gently pushes her back. He uses his right hand to finish jerking himself off and warm cum shoots out and hits Kim on her cheek. Kim opens her mouth wide and the next blast sprays across her tongue and strikes the back of her throat. She swallows it up and leans forward taking Ron’s cock into her mouth again.

“No KP,” Ron says pushing her down so that she is lying on the floor, “I wanna fuck you is the ass.”

“What ever you say Ron,” Kim says and rolls over onto her knees and slides her pajama pants down to her knees and bend back down placing her elbows on the floor, her firm round ass up in the air inviting Ron into her tight asshole. She shakes is a little, “Come on Ron, what are you waiting,” for she says, shaking her ass a little. Ron stands up and fetches a small tube of lubricant from the top draw of his dresser and squeezes a line of it alone his cock. He drops to his knees behind Kim and after quickly rubbing the lubricant all over his cock, he holds Kim by the hips and tenderly pushes into he extremely tight asshole. His cock isn’t big, so it doesn’t stretch Kim’s ass an uncomfortable amount and she looks over her shoulder and tells Ron, “fuck my ass hard Ron.”

“Booyah,” exclaims Ron and he begin to ram Kim’s ass hard and fast, holding her tightly with his hands, “Yeah!!!” Kim’s whole body rocks with each excited thrust.

“Ohh that’s gooooood,” she lets Ron know.

Ron feels himself about to explode again and pulls his cock out of Kim sweet little ass just in time. Sticky cum spray falls on Kim from her ass all the way up her back. Ron falls puffing from the work and Kim rolls onto her side.

Kim went into the bathroom to shower and when she came out drying her hair, Ron was asleep on his bed. Kim begins to doze on the bed next to Ron then without warning a faint white noise can be heard in both Kim’s ears at once. Kim tried to move but for some reason seemed to lose control of her body. Suddenly the familiar voice of Shego came to her, “You will kill Ron Stoppable!”

Kim’s hand reaches for Ron’s baseball bat. As hard as she fought mentally, Kim could not stop herself, like she was possed or hypnotized. Ron was still asleep and Kim moved up beside the bed, raising the baseball bat high ready to bring it down hard as she could onto Ron’s skull. ‘No I can’t kill Ron,’ Kim thought, but was powerless, Shego had obviously gained some sort of monstrous control over her. At the last moment Rufus ducks out from under Ron’s bed and bites Kim on the toe hard.

“Ouch,” Kim lets out in surprise.

Ron opens his eyes and sees Kim ready to beat him down and rolls to the other side of the bed but hit his head hard against the floor. “Kim no!!!” screams Ron, too dizzy to get up.

“Don’t worry Ron, Rufus snapped me out of it,” Kim says relieved, “I think I know what’s going on.”

Kim picks up her Kimunicator.

“Wade I want you to scan my head, look for any thing unusual,” Kim asks Wade holding the Kimunicator’s scanner close to her head.

“Will do KP,” Wades say banging at the keyboard. After a few moments Wade reports, “Kim I see a tiny device attached to the subconscious part of your brain. Whoever put it there could plant ideas into your head while you sleep.”

“Diabolic,” Kim says in disgust.

“Any idea who got this into you?” asks Wade.

“It’s definitely Shego, I recognized her voice in the transmition. Can you trace the signal back to it’s source?” Kim asks, finally feeling able to take control of her situation.

After some keyboard hammering, “Got it KP, an abandoned warehouse in downtown Middleton, it’s not far.”

“You rock Wade!”

“I think you should maybe get that thing taken out of your head before you go after Shego,” Wade says concerned.

“No big, Shego’s brain bug should be powerless unless I fall asleep again,” Kim says confidently, “and I’m not going to rest until I’ve taken care of her.”

Kim turns to Ron, “I’m going home to get my mission gear.”

“Gimme a minute to get my stuff,” says Ron.

“Never mind Ron, I’m all over this one. Beside you have a nasty cut on your head you should get taken care of,” Kim says with a determined look, “I can handle that Shego bitch myself!”

* * *

Shego’s lair was a dirty old factory with a rusty fence covered in barbed wire surrounding it. Kim cartwheeled and leaped the fence without difficulty, but found that the heavy metal door was very securely locked, so she used her grappling hook gun to scale the wall and come in through the roof. Kim dropped to the floor from the skylight and found a make shift HQ with communication equipment, no one seemed home.

“Come out you dirty bitch!” Kim yelled, knowing that if Shego was inside looking to ambush her this would draw her out.

Shego can’t resist a challenge. A figure stepped out of the shadows into the light and Kim instantly recognized it as Shego.

“Ah Kim Possible I assumed you’d be dropping in,” Shego called out, standing with her hands on her hips in her figure hugging villain get up.

Shego presses a button on remote control she is holding and a net drops down at Kim, but she is too fast and rolls out of the way.

“Not that easy Shego,” Kim says, amused at the feeble trap.

Shego rushes Kim and strikes at her and Kim dodges, the burning green glow of Shego’s hand attack slices the air close to Kim’s faces. Kim punches Shego then side kicks her hard enough to knock her back. Kim pounces at the fallen Shego and Shego sprays pink gas into the air between her and Kim from a concealed tube in her glove.

“Oh no,” Kim exclaims realizing that she has breathed in some of the mysterious pink gas. Kim immediately begins to feel lightheaded and her legs seem to turn to jelly.

“Ha ha,” Shego laughs fiendishly, “You won’t be able to resist my control now!” She pulls out a small control device with a microphone attached. As soon as she activates it Kim begins to hear the white noise again and feels hypnotized.

Shego whispers into the microphone, but to Kim it sounds like a booming voice inside her head.

“Ha ha, you are now under my power and will do everything I tell you,” Shego instructs Kim, “now follow me!”

Shego leads Kim into a different room in the factory that has obvious had the ‘woman’s touch’. There is a large heart shaped bed, with many silk cushion and there soft carpeting.

“Come over here,” Shego points to a spot by the bed, while kicking back on it herself and getting comfortable. “Now strip for me, do it slowly and make it sexy!”

Kim cannot resist and as much as she tries, she feels light headed strangely compelled to obey. Kim takes off her gloves, then her shoes while Shego lays, eagerly watching. Kim finds herself seductively singing and swaying her hips.

“Yeah that’s more like it,” Shego blurts out excitedly.

Kim keeps dancing a while she pulls her top up over her head to reveal her cute little yellow Club Banana bra. She turns her back to Shego and she unbuckles her belt and bends down as she slide her pants down her legs, swinging her butt around for Shego in matching yellow panties. Kim turns around and tries hard not to take anymore clothes off, but her hands slide up her back as if they have a mind of their own and un hook her small bra. “Whooooo,” Shego hoots as Kim’s bra drops to the floor. Her breasts are small but perfectly shaped. Kim’s nipples are little and a lovely pink and look so juicy. Kim lets her panties down then playfully kicks them in Shego’s direction.

Shego burns inside with lust at the sight of Kim small red tuft of pubic hair, it is untrimmed but is still young enough to have not spread too far. “Come here and lie down,” Shego tells Kim who struts over, her slender frame driving Shego crazy. Shego stands and lets Kim lay where she was.

“Now Kimmy, I want to see you play with yourself!” Shego says full of anticipation.

Kim’s hand moves down to here small cunt and she begins to softly stimulate herself. Kim bends her knees and moans quietly, now that she has her little cunt fully spread, she holds it apart and licks the fingers of her other hand and stats to finger herself in light but quick motions. Shego watches almost drooling with lust.

“Roll over,” Shego commands and Kim does so. Her chest, face and knees against the soft bed. Kim has her ass in the air, still fingering herself and Shego lick her gloved middle finger and slides it into Kim’s ass. Shego moves her finger in and out a few times amusing herself then tells Kim, “Lay on your back again!” Shego stands up and kicks her boots of and throws her glove to the floor. She takes her suit off fast, not attempting to be sexy. As usual Shego is naked under her suit and she stands now totally naked. Kim looks blankly at Shego’s strong statuesque body. In her head Kim is overwhelmed that to be doing this with her archenemy and not being able to stop herself. As bad as Kim felt, she also felt strangely calm and maybe somewhere deep down was enjoying it.

Shego lies back down on the bed next to Kim, and begins to kiss her. Somehow, Shego’s tongue feels a little course as she explores the inside of Kim’s mouth. Shego’s hard large nipples poke Kim’s soft nubile flesh and Shego squeezes Kim’s tender ass as see French kisses her. Shego stops kissing Kim and begins to lick one of Kim’s small nipples. She sucks on it hard and fondles her roughly.

Shego rolls over and spreads her legs. “Eat my pussy Kim,” Shego says, “and be a good girl and make me cum hard.”

Kim can’t stop herself from going down. Shego has a wild raven black muff and her hair is wiry and almost feels as though it’s scratching Kim’s face. Shego’s pussy is already dripping and has a very potent aroma. Kim uses both her small hands and all her slender fingers to lovingly spread Shego’s large cunt and she begins to rub Shego’s clit with her silky smooth tongue.

“Fuck yeah! This is everything I dreamed it’d be!” Shego announces delighted.

Kim begins to go fast and Shego moans and howls. Kim keeps licking Shego’s bitter tasting pussy, sweat beads up on her forehead from the effort. Shego shakes her whole body and begins to feel her own tits, pinching and twisting her own nipple savagely. Kim keeps eating Shego out pushing her tongue deep inside, it almost seems that her face could be swallowed up by Shego’s cunt. Shego begins to thrash around.

“I’m cumin'” Shego wails and her hands claw the bed, her fingers tearing gaping wounds in the mattress. The remote for the brain bug slips from her grip and Shego doesn’t notice it as she is writhing in ecstasy as Kim brings her to orgasm. Her pussy goes crazy, spsaming and squirting juice into Kim’s mouth. The remote hits the floor and breaks apart and suddenly Kim is no longer under her power.

“You fucking bitch!!” Kim yells as she pulls herself back from Shego’s cunt, horrified at what she had being doing. Kim is distracted for a moment, nearly gagging on the taste of Shego’s pussy in her mouth and Shego takes advantage and kicks her in the face. Kim falls and when she looks up, Shego has escaped out the door. Kim goes to case Shego, but it is no use. Shego hops onto her getaway motorbike, still naked and drives toward an exit. Shego stops and turns for a brief moment. She winks at Kim and calls out, “Till next time, keep it clean for me!” Shego rides away.

Kim gets dressed and set a few bombs to destroy Shego’s equipment.

‘Damn, Shego got away,’ Kim thinks to herself, ‘but at least I got control of myself back. I can be me again, 100% Kimness. Hmmmmmm…I wonder what Monique is doing tonight?’

The End

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