Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim Satiable Ch. 1 A Night of Joy

Kim Possible Pornography Story: Kim Satiable Ch. 1 A Night of Joy

Kim and Monique were having a rare summer weeknight sleep over when about 11:00 they headed down to the kitchen for a snack. Sitting next to each other at the kitchen table in their skimpy PJ’s they giggled and looked lustfully at each other. KP produced a hot dog from the refrigerator and the girls took turns seductively sucking on it until each took an end and their lips met in the middle. “Ahem!” came a voice from the doorway. The girls turned in unison to see Kim’s mom standing there in a silk robe open down to her waist, giving a tantalizing glimpse of her ample breasts. “You girls are 16 and too old to be playing with your food. It is getting late and you two should be in bed.”

Mon and Kim looked at each other with lecherous grins, “Okay mom,” Kim said licking her lips, “Come on Mon, I’ll race you!” Off they went with a squeal, KP leading the way with her friend close behind, pinching her ass all the way. As she burst through the door to her room, KP pealed off her pajama top and threw herself across the room landing on her back in the middle of the bed.

Spreading her legs she thrust a hand into her satin panties and slowly rubbed at her snatch. “I won, now you have to do as I say!”

Monique closed the door behind her and leaned against it giving her best sweet and innocent look, “What would you like me to do Kimmie Cub?” she cooed putting a finger to her pouting lips.

“First you have to strip for me, nice and slow.” Kim ordered.

Monique stepped to the edge of the bed and began unbuttoning her top. Once it was fully open she slipped it slightly off her shoulders before turning away from Kim and letting it slide down her back in stages to the floor. Looking back over her shoulder she couldn’t help but grin at the redhead who was already moaning and fingering herself. The black haired girl put on her innocent pout again, “not my panties too?” she plead.

“Oh yes the panties too,” Kim gasped getting dangerously close to cumming already.

“If you insist,” Mon smiled. Rolling the lightweight fabric down bit by bit from her glorious round rump she gave one bare cheek a smack, “Don’t you cum without me!” she commanded before bending over and slipping her panties the rest of the way off.

“Oh God Mon you are so hot, eat me, lick me, please hurry,” Kim begged, and her friend couldn’t resist anymore. Diving in she ripped the redhead’s panties off and pushing her hand out of the way, plunged her tongue into the already dripping pink pussy before her. KP put the torn panties in her mouth to muffle her squeals as an orgasm rocked her slender body. Bucking and twisting her hips into Monique’s face she coated her friend with her love juice.

Eventually KP looked up to see her friend still kneeling between her legs, massaging her tits, with a very wicked grin on her face. “Now it’s my turn, and I’m not going to cum so easy.” Spreading her knees Mon tapped her clit lightly, “get your face in her and get to work girl.”

Kim smiled and spun around on the bed. Sliding her head in between the dark girl’s thighs she made one long slow lick, back to front before beginning a steady spiraling action with her tongue which quickly had both of them moaning. Monique gasped once KP found the happy place and in response bent forward to finger the redhead. However, no distraction could keep her from hitting her climax. Twisting and whimpering she doused Kim’s face with cum even as the redhead tried to swallow as much as she could.

Monique fell over on her side, clutching her sweet tits and moaning in pleasure. She could hear Kim rummaging around in the nightstand and when she opened her eyes again, the other girl was dangling a matched pair of dildos before her face. “Shall we play with ‘the boys’ tonight?” Kim asked pushing one into her mouth and the other between Mon’s open lips.

Mon took the toy and gave it a long lick while staring intently into Kim’s eyes. “Remember those college guys from Upperton we met last week at the park?”

“Oh yea, that was so funny,” KP laughed, “We told them we were going to be college freshmen this fall and they totally believed us! And then they bought us beer. That was a blast.”

“I’m not surprised that they believed us, not many 16 year olds can suck cock like we can.” Mon continued turning on her dildo and giving it another lick, “but I’m talking about later when we let them fuck us in the ass, did you like that as much as I did?”

“I was kinda drunk,” KP smiled back, turning on her sex toy and starting to get the drift of where this conversation was going, “but once I got used to it that did feel good.”

“So if I put it in your butt, will you put it in mine?” Mon asked hesitantly.

In reply Kim rolled on her stomach and then got up on her hands and knees “Lube it up in my pussy first,” she said with a grin, “that works a lot better, I know!”

The black haired girl moved behind her friend, “You dirty slut,” she laughed, smacking that beautiful pale ass. Pushing the dildo in she worked it around until KP was moaning softly. Making sure it was thoroughly coated she moved the tip to Kim’s tiny pink asshole and pushed in just and inch. The redhead gasped once and then wiggled her ass signaling her desire for more. Soon enough Kim was whimpering and fingering herself as Mon pushed the vibrator in and out, faster and faster. Finally with a cry KP fell on her stomach, the dildo still inserted as another orgasm swept over her.

Rolling on her side she reached back and pulled the buzzing sex toy from her backside and grinned, “That was nice!” she said in far off voice, “Now it’s your turn. Assume the position.”

Monique got on her knees in the center of the bed and then lowered her face to the pillow, arms out. Turning her head to the side she whispered, “Go easy on me please.”

Kim just smiled and ran her hands over that fine mocha colored ass, “nice and easy, I promise.” Alternately thrusting the vibrator deep in her friend’s cunt and then using it to rub circles around her clit, poor Monique was groaning softly, but when Kim stated touching it to her back door only to pull back and return to her pussy, the girl was driven to distraction.

“Oh please Kimmie,” she begged, “Please give it to me, fuck my ass, please Kimmie.”

Unwilling to tease anymore, KP pushed the plastic cock in one inch and then two. Mon let out a loud gasp in response. “Quiet Mon, we don’t want my parents hear us,” Kim warned. As the words left her mouth she looked over her shoulder toward the door with a sense of foreboding.

Sure enough there stood her mother leaning against the door frame, her short silk robe open wide, her red thong pushed half way down her thighs, one hand pulling at a nipple while the other was turning lazy circles around her clit. “Mom!” Kim cried, “Um I can explain.”

“You can explain later honey,’ Dr. Possible said softly, “right now I think you had better get your poor friend off.”

“Please Kimmie,” Mon begged some more, “do as she says, get me there!”

“Try putting the other dildo in her puss,” Anne offered, “that should do the trick.”
Following her mother’s advice KP dipped the other vibrator into her friend and started working both of them back and forth in alternating strokes. This new sensation, coupled with the fact that Kim’s hot mom was watching suddenly lifted Monique to a massive orgasm. With her face mashed deep in the pillows most of the sound was dampened, but her ass bounced around wildly and her love juices ran down her legs and all over Kim’s hands.

Kim was just about to say something when she heard her mother moan behind her. Turning to look she could see her mother flush with color and her whole body quiver before she open her eyes, pulled her thong back into place, and closed her robe. “Wow,” was the first thing she said, and then regaining some composure, “I’m not going to say anything this time, but you girls owe me, big time. Now go to bed, and I mean to sleep!” With that she turned out the light and quietly closed the door behind her.

Kim and Monique collapsed on the bed together and were silent for a moment in the dark, groping around for each other. Kim’s hand found a breast and gave it a tender squeeze while Mon’s hands clasped KP’s ass and pulled her closer. Soon the girls were nose to nose, “wow,’ Kim whispered, and then both of them giggled for a while. They were just settling down when from her parent’s room next door, they heard a muffled cry and then distinctly Anne’s voice, “Oh yea, Jimbo, fuck me hard, cum in my sweet ass!” followed by a long series of inarticulate noises.

“Wow,” it was Monique who whispered this time, and the two girls drifted off to sleep in a series of kisses and giggles.

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