Kim Possible Sex Story: change room fun part 2

Kim Possible Sex Story: change room fun part 2

It would have seemed that Bonnie’s idea to have Kim hopelessly attracted to her was definitely on track. However, as with many of her plans involving Kim Possible. This latest scheme to have her rival wrapped around her little finger had one fatal flaw.

Bonnie was still attracted to Kim.

In fact, it was this little hitch that soon found the two girls going at it in the change rooms once again.

“This is wrong” Kim breathed in between their passionate kissing. The redhead had her rival pinned up against the lockers and was enjoying her dominate position; even if her mind was now doubting her actions.

“I know. you’re so not my type” replied the brunette, without opening her eyes. Her mouth open, waiting for the redhead to continue the kiss.

“Thanks… Bonnie” Kim said flatly.

Bonnie opened her eyes when her rival refused to make contact with her mouth.

“I mean if I was ever going to do this sort of thing with a girl, which I totally wouldn’t. It would be with someone way higher on the food chain”

“But, you are doing this with me… right now, Bonnie” replied the redhead.

“Yea, but it just sort of happened” said the brunette, sounding almost as if she was trying to excuse herself for her current situation.

“That’s what I’m talking about B; this sort of thing doesn’t just happen” replied Kim, feeling around the back of her neck.

“What are you doing?” asked a curious and confused Bonnie.

“I don’t know I was kind of hoping there would be a mind control device or some other rational explanation for this” answered the redheaded cheerleader with a sigh, it was frustrating being strangely attracted to someone that you wouldn’t dream of being with and not having any clue how it happened, worse yet there was still no love between them, a kind of hollow intimacy.

“Kim, I think that saving-the-world thing you do, has fried your brain” the brunette suddenly chimed in. “Not that you weren’t a total freak to begin with” she added.

“Wow Bonnie, keep talking, I think my unexplained attraction to you is about to wear off” the redhead said sarcastically. Annoyed that her rival could make out with her, yet still harbour such animosity.

“Wow Kim, ungrateful much?” replied the brunette, mocking Kim’s previous tone.

“Excuse me?” Kim blinked.

“I was supposed to go shopping today; instead I’m here in this dingy change room with you” answered Bonnie, as if she expected her rival to praise her obvious generosity. “And that’s another thing, why do we always do this in the change rooms?” she asked her fuming rival “So not the turn on”

“So not the Ish, Bonnie” Kim replied, growing annoyed with the girl under her. “We can’t keep doing this”

The two rivals locked lips once more, their hands recommencing their exploration. One of Kim’s own hands sensually roaming the tanned female’s thigh, suddenly a familiar sequence of beeps sound off from the redhead’s discarded pants.

“What’s that noise?” asked Bonnie, suddenly afraid they may have been discovered.

“It’s the Kimmunicator” answered Kim, lifting herself off her rival and retrieving the device.

“Uhh, hey Wade what’s the sitch?” the redhead tried to act as calm as she could, in truth her heart was pounding nervously. She too had been startled by the sudden interruption.

“Hey Kim and…Bonnie?” Wade asked confused.

Kim turned her head to find the brunette peering over her shoulder. “Uhh yeah, we were just, uh… going over the new cheer routine I had and-” started Kim.

“You can tell about it on your way to Sicily” Wade cut in with a smile. “Your ride should be there in a minute”

“Sicily?” Kim inquired.

Wade took a sip of his drink, “Yea, a museum’s been completely trashed, but nothing was reported stolen” the boy replied.

“Let me guess, Drakken?” the redhead smirked.

“We’re not sure, something knocked out all the security cameras before the break in” Wade answered while typing away at his keyboard. “Your ride is outside, Ron and Rufus are already onboard”

“Thanks Wade” Kim smiled. Shutting off the Kimmunicator and began to get dressed.

She bent down to pick up her shirt, but Bonnie snatched it away before she could.

“Hold up Possible, we’re not finished yet! You can’t just run off to Sicily! What about me?” the fiery brunette inquired.

“I think saving the world takes priority Bonnie, besides didn’t you say you’d rather be shopping?” replied the redhead, making a grab for the garment, but failing as it was pulled from reach.

“Uh yeah, but the shops are closed now!” the brunette crossed her arms. “Fine, go do your silly save the world thing, just like you run out on cheer practice”

“We can so talk about this later Bonnie” replied Kim, taking her top out of her rival’s grasp while she wasn’t paying attention.

“You- well, don’t expect me to be in the mood again K, you had your chance!” shouted the tanned female.

Kim rolled her eyes as she left the gym and boarded the idle aircraft outside.

The next week

To the dismay of both girls, their attractions hadn’t been resolved over the weekend. Being apart only intensified their desire to be together again. Unfortunately for them, Ron had been waiting for Kim outside the change rooms the past couple of days. And while he didn’t suspect a thing, he was curious as to why the redhead had spent the last week staying behind after practice.

It was now Wednesday. And the tension between the two girls was building up. They were extra aggressive to each other whenever they clashed about something; Of course it was always Bonnie who started the engagement, but Kim had no problem taking part. It almost seemed like they were desperate for any contact between them.

It was on Friday that a glimmer of hope finally shone. Ron and his parents would be going away for the weekend, this meant that Ron would have to come straight home after school to help pack and wouldn’t be there to wait for Kim after practice.

It was the perfect opportunity to finally release the increasing pressure between the two rivals. Kim wondered if maybe they could just talk about it, After all, it wasn’t just physical tension was it?

Well, maybe it wasn’t but whatever mental or emotional tension that existed between them was now hidden beneath a steamy make out session. The two cheerleaders tore at each others mouths with more intensity than their first heated encounter.

Their hands; now forcefully retracing the paths they had become familiar with the last time they had groped each other. They lay atop the same bench they used numerous times, but it was only for a brief moment, as their brutal intensity soon saw them crashing to the cold floor.

Kim straddled her rival, kissing and nibbling the brunette’s neck with enough force to leave a blush mark. The tanned cheerleader moaned as the redhead began toying with her breasts, before sealing her lips with a deep kiss. Their tongues danced with one another, as they moved to and from the other’s mouth.

“I can’t believe-” Kim panted, “I waited all week-” she paused to catch her breath, “To do this” she puffed, placing a kiss on her rival’s collarbone.

“That makes two of us K” replied the brunette, being equally out of breath.

Kim began to undress her rival, removing her own clothes soon after.

“Can we get off the floor? Its cold” whined the brunette.

“I don’t think you’ll have to worry about that for long B” Kim smirked at the naked girl beneath her. But gently picked her rival up and placed her back onto the bench.

“There’s not really much room on here” stated Bonnie, glancing up at the redhead.

“There is for what I have in mind” Kim replied slyly, kneeling down so she was face to face with the tanned cheerleader’s exposed entrance.

Bonnie swallowed, nervously awaiting her rival’s next move. While she had done this for Kim before, she had yet to experience it for herself. She didn’t have to wait long as the redhead’s tongue was just as eager as she was. And soon found it tickling the moist opening of Bonnie’s pulsing womanhood.

The brunette hummed in pleasure at this new sensation, relishing each unpredictable movement of the redhead’s tongue. Kim began to nibble the soft walls of her rival’s entrance, thoroughly enjoying herself and her ability to make the tanned cheerleader squirm in ecstasy.

Although she had been at it for a good ten minutes, it suddenly felt like five seconds as the redhead pulled away, much to the disappointment and whining of the brunette.

“Why’d you stop?” the tanned female whined, beginning to rub herself to maintain the feeling.

Kim smirked, “I couldn’t let you have it that easy Bonnie” she replied. Grasping the tanned female’s legs and sliding her down the bench. The redhead straddled her rival once more. “You’ve done all the riding so far B, I think it’s my turn”

“Seriously Kim, you sound so lame” the brunette replied with a sigh.

Kim simply smiled and thrust her womanhood forcefully against Bonnie’s, causing the tanned female to gasp.

“Wow, way to be gentle K!” whined the brunette.

“Don’t have time to be gentle B” replied Kim, thrusting once more.

Bonnie gasped once more, and then flashed a glare at her rival. “Seriously Kim, do it properly or don’t do it at all” she growled.

“Yeah, like you’d want me to stop Bonnie” retorted the redhead. Who eased up and began thrusting in rhythm.

Bonnie couldn’t respond, she was too busy holding back her whimpering. The pace was now to the brunette’s liking, and the sensation was returning once more. This time however there would be no interruptions, now that Kim was a part of the action there was no way she would stop.

The two continued their passionate encounter until both girls felt themselves nearing their limit; a pressure like none other began building up in the pit of their stomaches, a hazy and warm feeling slowly taking over their senses. Kim increased her thrusting speed, both girls starting to moan, before screaming out in pleasure. The intense pleasure persisting as they reached their orgasm more than once. Their howling soon subsided as Kim collapsed onto her rival.

They could have laid there all night, if not for the sound of the gym door opening. Kim sat up and listened intently.

“Bonnie, I think someone’s here” the redhead whispered in hushed panic.

Bonnie frowned; “Who would be lame enough to come to school-” she was cut off by a familiar voice.

“KP! Are you here?” a voice called out.

“Ron!” both girls accidentally shouted as they looked at each other. They covered their mouths in reflex.

“Kim! Was that you?” Ron called out; he approached the change room doors.

The girls frantically looked around for their clothes, bumping into one another.

Kim tried to stall for time, “Ron, don’t come in, uh we’re getting changed”

“What? I can’t hear you KP” replied Ron, cupping a hand to his ear. “I’m coming in; I hope you’re not getting cha-“

A chorus of startled screams from both girls and boy echoed throughout the gym, Rufus fainting onto Ron’s shoulder.

“Whoa! Sorry Ladies my mistake!” Ron grinned sheepishly while hiding his eyes with his hand.

“Get out!” the girls shouted in unison.

Kim began to blush heavily. Ron had never seen her naked before and this wasn’t the ideal circumstance for it to happen.

Bonnie on the other hand was quite furious. She quickly dressed herself and stormed out of the change rooms to find Ron. “You didn’t see anything Stoppable!” she growled at the shaken boy.

“Nothing, not a thing” Ron replied, still hiding his eyes.

Kim took her time to compose herself, before leaving the change rooms to face Ron.

“Hey Ron” she smiled nervously. Her heart beating incredibly fast; thinking about what might have happened if Ron had walked in any earlier.

“Hey KP, Sorry about walking in on you like that, I thought you-” the boy started, equally nervous.

“No big Ron, but in future you’ll knock first right?” Kim smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah, I don’t think I could take another scare like that again” he replied, still shaken.

“So, what are you doing here? I thought you were going away with the rents?” the redhead asked curiously?

“I was, but they said I didn’t have to go. I told them how we’d barely spent much time together since you were always staying back after practice” replied Ron with an excited smile. “So we can hang out this weekend and tonight is Ron night after all”

“Sure but no Buenos Nacho. Let’s do something else for a change!” Kim smiled.

“That’s fine with me” replied Ron, turning to face a glum looking Rufus on his shoulder. “Sorry buddy but we can always go tomorrow!” the little mole rat cheered enthusiastically. “So KP, what were you and Bonnie doing back here so late?”

Kim swallowed, “Uh, just stuff, cheerleading stuff…you know, new routines and all that” the redhead stuttered nervously.

“You should have told me KP! I need some new ideas for my mad dog entrance!” Ron pumped his fist excitedly. “Do you think I can come to the next meeting?” he asked hopefully.

Kim smiled. “Sorry Ron, but its girls only. Besides I don’t think there’ll be any more meetings things were getting way too heated in there” the redhead giggled.

“Yea, I’ll bet, that Bonnie is always looking to ride you for something” Ron nodded his head.

Kim raised an eyebrow, and then laughed at her boyfriend’s last comment.

The next Wednesday

Things seemed to be back to normal between the two rivals, their animosity never left them, but there was no sexual tension between them. The change room encounters had finished. In fact now the girls waited till the other had left the gym before they began changing, just to make sure there would be no more instances of unexpected passion. More importantly their attraction to one another seemed to have dissipated entirely.

They may never know what started their little fun. And they can certainly deny it ever happened. But they can never truthfully deny that deep down, while it lasted, they enjoyed every minute of it.

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